Who I am
Hello.  I'm James Higgerson.  I'm a 30 year old writer and PhD student living in Manchester, England.  I have a couple of cats (Omar and Avon, named after two of Baltimore's finest), and I can often be found lurking further and further to the back of gigs across the city.  

Some of my favourite things in life: Glastonbury (been to the last seven, hope to want to go forever - that place has been responsible for some of my fondest memories), books (John Updike, Toby Litt, Don Delillo, John Irving, Will Self, Geoff Dyer, Chuck Palahniuk), music (The White Stripes, Bright Eyes, Janelle Monae, Pulp, Bjork), comedies (Summer Heights High, Ideal, Nighty Night, The Thick Of It, Peep Show, Parks & Recreation), steak, the songs of Andy Bernard from The US Office, Oslo, cigarettes and HBO.     

What I write
My main love is writing fiction, and I have two novels completed.  The first - Shot Down - won second place in the Luke Bitmead Bursary Award 2008.  Whilst I'm pleased with how it turned out, I didn't capitalise on the award, and my attentions to turned to my next novel.  In 2010 I completed The Almost Lizard - which is going to be published by Legend Press in Spring 2013.  In between bouts of trying to complete my PhD, I'm working on a new novel (most likely called 'Kid Gloves') which I'll talk more about when it's finished.

My first published fiction was 'Noise' - a short story published in September 2012 as part of the Still anthology from Negative Press.

I sometimes write short fiction, but I tend to get carried away and try and turn them into novels.  Writing more short fiction is near the top of my To Do list.

Whilst writing solo is fun in itself, I'm always up for trying out collaborations with others.  I like working with illustrators for some of my fiction, and I like the idea of getting the message across in new ways.

I write for the music website Whisperin' and Hollerin', but I'm taking a break from that whilst I work on getting myself published.  In the past I have run The Industry of Guilt, which published short fiction online, held together by the theme of the emotional and financial profiteering associated with guilt.  This was followed by Bad Marmalade, a project for writers, artists, musicians and photographers - promoting collaborations and bringing together all sorts of creative types for gigs in houses, flash fiction events and other multi-medium experiments.

This site is mainly for my writing, but here are a couple of links related to some scientific writing I have done.

In 2010 I co-authored a paper published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.  The print copy of this can be found in September 2011 issue.

In 2011 I contributed to the anthology Litmus: Short Stories from Modern Science, published by Comma Press.  Scientists were paired up with authors to write short stories about eureka moments from the 20th century.  I did this in my role as Public Health researcher, and wrote the scientific afterword for Sarah Hall's story on the discovery of HIV/AIDs.  

You can find out more about all of this stuff by clicking the multitude of links on this page.