Music writing

Below lies a selection of some of the reviews and features I've written for Whisperin' and Hollerin'.  Here you'll encounter some self-confessed sycophantism, some brutal assassinations of the uninspiring and a healthy smattering of metaphors.

Brendan Benson Album Review
... and the proposal of a new drinking game.

Lupen Crook Feature
A few words with a personal favourite.

Lightspeed Champion Album Review
Reviewer eats own words.

Biffy Clyro Album Review
Because some things will never get a fair hearing.

Reverend and the Makers Album Review
An early rant.  Still true.

Future of the Left Live Review
Some of that sychophantism I mentioned.

XFM Winter Wonderland Review
Mancs get upstaged, quite rightly.

Be Your Own Pet Live Review
A 'little cow,' no less