My main writing passion is for novels, and I've so far written three in my life.  One is tucked away in a drawer, probably never to see the light of day again.  The other two, however, are ready for agents and publishers.  I want to see these stories in bookshops.  I want people to read my stories and I'm dedicated to making that happen.  It's a simple dream.
The Almost Lizard

When he came to the decision to take his own life, Daniel Lizar decided to write his life story.  Writing against time in the build up to his chosen deathday - his twenty-first birthday - Daniel tells his family history before his autobiographical account of a short life, in the hope that it will help those who knew him make sense of who he was.  The television programme that plays out in his head is perhaps only the start of it.

A story of a modern mental illness, and the highs, lows, laughs and tears that come with such a condition.  A unique story of family, friends, growing up and aggressive manipulation that can only end one way. 
Shot Down

Best friends don't tend to shoot each other dead at gigs.

They don't tend to stalk each other either.