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Chapter One



They’re treating me like a real criminal, I can see that now.  Surely they can tell I’m not a real criminal. 

            They need to come and talk to me, listen to my reasons.

            They’ll understand then.

            I didn’t want this.  The situation drove me to it – fight or flight.  They need to hear what I have to say, then they’ll get that I’m not a bad person.  I’m not a bad person.  I have to remind myself of that whilst I’m surrounded in the remnants of this room’s previous tenants.  The walls are etched with the tags of the lucky ones who got something sharp through the searching procedure.  I imagine to them it was a victory. 

            Career criminals, that’s what they’re called.

            To some, this is a way of life.  I know that more than most.  But not to me.  I don’t deserve to be here.

            And I shouldn’t be denied the right to have my say.