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Chapter One



I’d never even seen a real gun until today.  It was quite risky using it in such a crowded space, but I’m proud to report I hit my target like a top marksman.  The moment the crowd shifted and the pandemonium started, I was almost affronted that they perceived me as a danger.  I didn’t have plans to hurt any of them. My violence wasn’t mindless.  I had done what I had to, and now everyone was safe.

            But they ran at me by accident, away from me deliberately.   They were all petrified.  In the corner of my eye I could see the band exiting stage left, never to finish ‘Lua.’  It was a shame that it had been that moment – I loved that song.  Realistically, they could have continued.  Had I perhaps picked a more boisterous tune to fire then no-one would have noticed.  Swiftly abandoned beer splashes over my face, and I try to look dignified as the warm Carling drips off my nose.  I don’t flinch.  I’m playing the part, and I have to remain static whilst the extras provide the chaos. 

            Unfortunately, I shattered the silence, and the gig had to end.

            Well, it didn’t have to but social norms prevailed, and it ended.

            They may reschedule anyway.  I feel terrible for ruining everyone’s night, though.  It’s not often you get to see Bright Eyes over here, and I was the cause of this premature ending.

            But then, the night would have been ruined either way.  If he’d got to me first, then the result would have been the same.  One person stood up, one person on the floor, seeping blood from a virgin wound as people trampled on their dying frame in a hurry to get out.

            I deserved to live because I didn’t start this.  It was that simple. 

            It wasn’t going to be easy to explain away, but I think people would understand, all things considered.

            When there was a sense of urgency, this venue could clear out pretty quickly.  I had been here once or twice before and it had taken an age to get out onto the street after the gig – but you chuck a gun-shot into the equation, and people can be very efficient.  Especially when they’re scared shitless.

            All too soon, it’s me and him.

            I assumed we would have been face to face.

            There should have been an almighty showdown. 

            Instead, I don’t even know why he did it.