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Shot Down: Characters

'Shot Down' is a third-person narrative taking the story from the perspective of several of the lead characters.  These are some of the people you need to know...
The accused

Ryan Pendlebury
The oxymoronic mild-mannered shooter.  22 and seemingly well-adjusted, murder aside.

The deceased

Shaun Craig
Friendly, funny and the life and soul of every party.  Not everyone's first choice as a worthy murder victim - or stalker for that matter.

Family and friends

Denise Pendlebury
Mother of the accused.  A TV news addict with her own crosses to bear, and a couple of secrets of her own. 

Trevor Pendlebury
Ryan's father.  Conspicuously absent when the news breaks, Trevor's initial absence gives him the objective viewpoint.

Ripley Bennett
Poet-laureate in waiting (in his own head at least) Ripley sees the devastation and spies opportunism.

Barry Dolan

Music store worker and pacifist at heart, Barry approaches the tragedy with everyone's best interests in mind.  Not that everyone will afford him the same consideration. 

Rachel Phipps
Denise's colleague and family friend to the Pendlebury's, Rachel is drawn in through her valid driving license and concern for her mate.  And maybe one or two other things.
Interested parties

Karl Martindale
Ageing journalist fearing his relevance.  Stumbles across a scoop, providing he can make all of the moves first. 

Cameron Greaves
The pretender to Karl's throne, Cameron has youth, charm and an amoral approach on his side.

PC Earnshaw

First on the scene and overstepping his role, PC Earnshaw should have been at the gig in question.  The personal angle finds him strangely drawn to the case.