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Ryan Pendlebury

The story begins with Ryan stood at a gig with a gun in his hand and his best friend dying at his feet.  Aged 22, Ryan is a Mancunian music enthusiast, whiling away his days in civil service tedium.  After university he moved back to live with his parents for financial reasons only.

Ryan would argue that his life was fairly boring until the stalker entered his life and turned things upside down.  He hates his job and struggles to make things as exciting as they were when he was studying.

Ryan and his friends all live in Manchester, doing what young adults do best.  Going out, getting hammered and living for the day.  Clubs?  Check.  Drugs?  Check.  Responsibility?  No check.  He is ambitious, but doesn't know what for.  One murder aside, he's a fairly normal twenty-something.

Those who stand to learn a thing or two about Ryan in the wake of the shooting would disagree, as a series of secrets battle their way to the surface, much to the surprise of almost everyone who knows him.